Olympic Weightlifting Seminars with Dmytro Chumak
1 RM Fitness Co. is  proud to be the booking partner of Ukrainian weightlifter Dmytro Chumak. Dmytro is currently based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada is now offering weightlifting seminars. These extensive seminars are 1 or 2 day sessions applicable to all levels of weightlifters. Theoretical and practical learning in the Snatch and Clean & Jerk. 

Dmytro has extensive knowledge and experience. He was part of the Ukrainian National Olympic weightlifting team from 2003-2021 and served as team Captain for 10 years.  21+ years of Olympic weightlifting experience, proven knowledge of instructional programming, training and sports development expertise. He hold a Bachelor’s in Physical Education & Olympic Sports, from the University of Kherson.

He currently hold 7 different weightlifting records in Ukraine. He was a participant and represented Ukraine at the 2016 Rio Olympics. World Cup Champion in 2020, and a 3 X European Champion in 2017, 2019 & 2021.


If your box, facility or sports academy is interested in more information please call us or email us at seminars@1rmfitness.ca