Adhesive vs Cohesive Tape

Adhesive vs Cohesive Tape

There are two different kinds of tape commonly used for hook gripping the barbell. Cohesive, better known as self-adhesive tape and adhesive tape. The manufacturing process is slightly different. Adhesive tape has an extra step in which a zinc oxide coating (hot melt glue) applied to the back of the elastic tape. The cohesive tape as a light coating of latex on the back of the bandage that give the tape its self adhesive properties. The extra step of applying the glue makes adhesive more desirable for heavy cycling of the barbell or a longer training session.  


Adhesive Tape Features

1. Super sticky latex free zinc oxide adhesive, and hypoallergenic. 
2. High tensile cotton fabric provides maximum support.
3. Tears by hand and no fraying.
4. Microporous adhesive makes tape breathable
5. Waterproof and sweatproof, super stickiness.
6. Consistent unwind tension from beginning to end.
7. No skin irritation , no residues on skin when peel off.

Cohesive Tape Features

1.Flexible multi-purpose tape and easy to apply, and lightweight.
2.Adhesive-free, it sticks to itself and not the skin, can be re-used.
3.Provide compression and support even when it is not sticking on your skin.
4.Perfect for sock wrap, tear by hand, no need for scissors.
5.Quickly wrap and rip to apply. Perfect for rapidly securing dressings.
Used for many things, including; finger taping, compression to limit bleeding and swelling, protective under wraps and more recently to hold football shin pads in place.
What tape is best for me?
Your training should determine what is the best tape is for you. Low, slower reps like deadlifting, or a light training day in weightlifting cohesive tape will work for you. If you are cycling the barbell fast with high reps or doing a Crossfit WOD then adhesive tape is the best for you. The sticky glue will help keep the tape in place and you will not be concerned with the tape coming off during your reps.

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